• A Brand is Born

    At Curiosity and happenstance we strive to make beautiful jewellery.

About Us

What we do

At Curiosity and Happenstance we strive to make beautiful jewellery. But beauty that goes beyond aesthetics, the most beautiful pieces have a story to tell.

Our jewellery is made to evoke emotions and to celebrate, they are physical representations of memories that we keep with us always. These pieces will be loved, worn, handled, and passed down.

Working in sterling silver, various colours and karats of gold and utilizing precious, semi-precious, and lab created gemstones gives us the ability to create the perfect piece for each individual taste.

Here at Curiosity & Happenstance we specialize in creating jewellery to help celebrate the unique nature of every individual. 
The pieces we create are made using time honoured techniques that have been passed on through the generations from master to student.
We work by hand and put the utmost care into everything we craft to ensure your story is told.
We strive to produce not only objects, but embodiments of your moments and memories to be passed forward throughout time to those closest to you. 



352 King Street, E

Kingston, ON